Bathroom Makeover Indoor Great Home Ideas

I would  call in the professionals that way  you’ll know the job is guaranteed and it  won’t fail now for step six tiling the  choices are endless but if in doubt go  for a darkish neutral color they don’t  show the dirt and go for large tiles for  a cleaner more modern look  now before we tackle of all tiles  here’s another space-saving idea instead  of putting a cabinet on the wall look at  that you can see that neatly within  doesn’t save much but as I said every  little bit counts  I’ll always recommend white tiles  wherever possible they’re affordable  they look classic and they last so for  this space we’re going for 600 by 300  horizontally all the way up the walls  all the way around now the reason for  going for a big tile less grout lines  and they look really modern but if you  want to break white up you can always go  for sheets of stone mosaics they’re  exactly the same size so you can  actually place them in bands in between .

So in this case we have a three bands of  stone up the wall  because the tiles are large they go up  quickly so now it’s time to grout you  can buy grout premix but I’d go the  cheaper option and buy the powder just  mix it up with water till you create a  toothpaste consistency  then make sure you really pack it in and  then work on a 45-degree angle just to  take off that excess leave it a couple  of hours just so that that grout  slightly goes off and then just give it  a gentle wipe over to take off the  excess leave it 24 hours or so and then  come back and dust it off a little later  we deal with the all-important storage  and what to look for in fittings and  fixtures

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