Bathroom Makeover Indoor Great Home Ideas

I would  call in the professionals that way  you’ll know the job is guaranteed and it  won’t fail now for step six tiling the  choices are endless but if in doubt go  for a darkish neutral color they don’t  show the dirt and go for large tiles for  a cleaner more modern look  now before we tackle of all tiles  here’s another space-saving idea instead  of putting a cabinet on the wall look at  that you can see that neatly within  doesn’t save much but as I said every  little bit counts  I’ll always recommend white tiles  wherever possible they’re affordable  they look classic and they last so for  this space we’re going for 600 by 300  horizontally all the way up the walls  all the way around now the reason for  going for a big tile less grout lines  and they look really modern but if you  want to break white up you can always go  for sheets of stone mosaics they’re  exactly the same size so you can  actually place them in bands in between .

So in this case we have a three bands of  stone up the wall  because the tiles are large they go up  quickly so now it’s time to grout you  can buy grout premix but I’d go the  cheaper option and buy the powder just  mix it up with water till you create a  toothpaste consistency  then make sure you really pack it in and  then work on a 45-degree angle just to  take off that excess leave it a couple  of hours just so that that grout  slightly goes off and then just give it  a gentle wipe over to take off the  excess leave it 24 hours or so and then  come back and dust it off a little later  we deal with the all-important storage  and what to look for in fittings and  fixtures


Is Online Dating For You?

Online dating has become the rage among love seekers around the world, profiles, pictures, heartfelt words and summaries of “what have you learned from your past relationships?” litter the pages of every Internet dating site. Are you looking for love and if you are, could online dating work for you? Thousands of singles are asking them selves the same question right now, many will join today but will it work?

I have to say this topic is kind of ironic because just six months ago my best friend took a “test-drive” with three of the top providers of online dating sites. how to make a girl want you My amateur photography skills were taken to new heights as she went through wardrobe changes, hair-do’s and different shades of lipstick, you know so the pictures didn’t appear to be taken all in one day!

To make a long story a little shorter, my friend didn’t find love, no friends and not even a date that would pay for a decent meal! I blame it on variety because in my opinion my friend wasn’t realistic. She based a lot of her decisions on photos rather than those heart filled words of profiles.

What did I learn from the whole experience?

If you see a profile that’s empty, don’t expect much! If someone is too lazy to fill out a short, 200-word profile—what would make you think they have anything important to say anyway. In the least one can gather, that person is not serious about making a connection.

If you see a profile splattered with pictures of a no-shirt wearing dude in poses on his bed, upside down on his exercise equipment or cut off at the waist giving the implication that he’s naked, click “next”. Don’t let your weakened ability to turn off pure animal-like arousal take over your senses, okay he’s sexy but he’s just looking for a fan club or a new number for his booty-call page.

This one astounds me literally!

If you see a picture on a profile taken with an ex, they are probably looking for a woman to talk to about their ex. My friend did initiate conversation with one of these lovesick bums and that was the topic of choice, it went something like my last relationship failed because yadda, yadda, yadda! It continued that way for nearly an hour until I just pulled the power cord!

What about profiles with no pictures at all?

Red flag number one! If someone doesn’t post a picture who are they hiding from? Granted I will say, that just because someone doesn’t post a picture isn’t always a bad sign but the first impression could be that the person is either married, still attached in some way, has low self esteem or is so broke they can’t afford a $20 digital camera and a $50 scanner. If someone is serious but embarrassed to display a picture for all to see, they usually add somewhere in the profile, photos available upon request which isn’t a bad idea.

If someone has taken the time to write a profile, take the time to read it! You could find “Mr. Perfect” staring right back at you in black and white print.

The most common complaint I had with my friend was, I didn’t think that she really gave it a chance. I’m sorry but not many people are photogenic and few look the way they appear in pictures. I kept telling her, “just give one ugly guy a chance”, but it was pointless. She kept going after the guys classified as “athletic build” whose hobbies included weight training, jogging and weekend trips to the health store for fun when she hasn’t even crossed a leg for ten years!

On the other hand I met a girl I once worked with a month ago who told me that she’s married to a wonderful man from another state and they met on an online dating site. They’ve been married for three years and are expecting the birth of their first baby. After only three short months of e-mail communication turned hours of phone conversation and eventually their first face-to-face meeting, they married three weeks after they saw each other in person! I guess online dating can work, it just depends on the amount of effort one is willing to put into it and the mentality used to the approach. If you choose to try online dating, good luck and leave all of your inhibitions of traditional dating upon entering the log in.


Dating Tips for Guys

Doing things for the first time is often a difficult task. Usually, in some situations, after getting through the first time, the next time will become easier. This may be untrue to dating. When dating a different person you will always have to readjust yourself. You would need to figure out how to always make the date be fun when dating something new.

In fact, dating could be considered one of the most complex first things to do. It could be rated way up there together with learning to bike for the first time. You will get some wounds and bruises, you may not get the girl you like enjoy the date, but after a few more tries, the problems become fewer. Here are some tips that can make you feel more at ease with first dates.

The usual first date is a way for both parties to know more about one another. So the date will usually be an intimate dinner followed by a movie or coffee. Since it is a first date, it will be pretty nerve racking for some. But if you try to get your mind set right and follow some basic rules all can get smoothly. Here are some tips for both men and women as to how to make conversation easier.

• Learn more about her work. After, try to dig deeper if she’s open about her desire and goals. This immediately shows that you are willing to respect and help her out.
• She will really appreciate it when you give her a compliment. She gave a whole lot of time just to look pretty for you.
• Try to listen about the similarities you had and base your conversations or future things to do on that. You may also see how compatible you are.
• Be prepared with easy subjects to talk about in case your mind goes black. Prepare subjects such as movies, music and food.
• Before displaying your values and beliefs, try to check what hers are first.
• Forget about yourself the whole time. The whole date is making sure that she’s the center of your attention.
• The two most important things are that you make sure listen for the whole time and don’t act like a jerk by bull shitting stuff.
• We can’t help to be horny men. So when her breasts are rocking, make your eyes stare at something else.
• When the date is going well, it is obvious to know when to make some moves.
• Be confident and make great eye contacts.

Guys, these tips are really not that complex. It would be pretty easy to follow these basic guidelines. Remember that you would only need to sacrifice a few dates and afterwards, you can now go back to being a regular jerk.


Places to go on a Date

Finding a place to have an interesting date is as hard as finding a date. In fact finding a right place to date should be given great importance. If you and your date goes or has a pretty bad first date the chances of you getting to the 2nd date will be slimmer. Unless both of you really enjoyed both your personalities very well that you won’t need a good place to date. But finding a great place or thing to do during a date greatly helps. Here are some tips on creative dating.

1. Try to find an art gallery. Art galleries are a good place to date because it is a quiet place where both of you can talk about lots of stuff. You can be able to talk about the things you’ll see in the art. This place is good for two daters who seem to have very few things in common have something to talk about. It also makes you see how great life is and appreciate the finer things in life. This will also make your date think how sensitive and intellectual you are about these things. However, this may present a problem because the date may get too boring at some point. If the date doesn’t go well, this place is a great reason for suddenly feeling sick.
2. Humor is something that some people look for in some people. That’s why it’s great to go out to some comedy clubs. You can even meet and dine before going to the club. Going to comedy clubs will help relax the situation especially when the date is becoming tense. This can also show you how funny you can be during certain times. However do be sensitive with the jokes or punch lines you do pull off because it might offend the other person. Going to this place will be a hard time to talk to one another. However if you can be able to laugh at the same things, maybe that will be enough to form some sort of connection. You may realize that you both like to criticize people together. Nothing brings people more closely when they criticize the same thing.
3. Having picnics is a great idea. Trying to go to zoos will also be fun. Seeing those sweet animals are kind of cool. You can have lots of things to discuss when going to a zoo. Like why does that elephant’s ass resemble something familiar about your date? By seeing baboons you’re suddenly reminded about having a hemorrhoid problem. This can also show your sensitive side that another person might be looking for by being compassionate to those caged animals. However the great moment may be somewhat affected because of the stench of the place.
4. Going out on sport’s activities is a fun date. This will make you have some great moments to laugh about if you are a klutz. If the person is also new to the sport you may also teach them new stuff. A great sport that everyone can laugh about and enjoy especially for beginners is bowling.

Instead of just being lazy and eat around in a restaurant and watch a movie try something new. This new stuff may prove to be fun and increase your chances for a 2nd date. This new places also have great escape plans when the date is really going sour.


Dating at Work

Is dating someone at work really that bad? There have been lots of people saying that dating someone at work is nothing but trouble. However we should remember that we can not generalize even though there are more people having bad experiences about it. There may be a rare few who have found true love at work. I’m not talking about being in love with your work. I’m talking about being in love with someone at work. This might turn out good just as long as the person you fall in love with is not the big boss. This might entail more problems. If you’re the boss, you might even be sued for sexual harassment.

There’s a big chance that lots of people fall in love with someone at the workplace. Why not? A person spends a quarter of his day stuck in the office. So there’s a big chance that he or she will meet someone there and have time to get along with one another. Lots of things could happen during those 8 hours. They could catch a breather and have a chit chat. They could go eat lunch together. So the bonds that are formed can not be questioned.

This situation is a total heaven for some people. Their heads are held up high with little daisies or birds floating around your head. Love is in the building which makes you more inspired to work. There sure is no problem with this; in fact we should all be happy for the happy person. But what if the opposite happens? Let’s say all the things that you expect and wanted just came crashing down faster than the titanic. This is where all problems start out.

First thing’s first, how can you now concentrate on your work. The thought of your ex could always be bothering you because he or she is just near you. When your ex just passes by, you’ll eventually think of what went wrong or the other things about your past relationship. Thing’s will only get worse because seeing him or her will be so awkward. That when she goes to the photocopying machine you’ll be so tense to photocopy yours and will take you an hour just to finish it.

The workplace is also a place for some people to hide from their ex. It is a place where they pour out their frustrations which makes them work harder. If they are not able to pour out their frustrations at their work, they might just pour it out on you. It would be pretty distracting for the other office mates to hear you cry.

Another problem that could drive you more nuts is the gossip. People will then stab you at the back making stories how bad you are at dating. These things will only make you more paranoid.

All these things that happen when you have a broken relationship at work could definitely lead to less efficient work. Less efficient work means more chances of getting fired. If you came to work to find a relationship, there would be no problem with how bad your relationship ends up. But most people go to work because they want financial stability not emotional baggage. So before entering into a relationship with someone at work, think about it very well. Sometimes following your head rather than your heart pays off, especially in the workplace.


Things To Remember In The Dating Scene

You’re reasonably attractive, definitely single, considerably intelligent and you have a great sense of humor BUT you still find yourself nervous about your belated entry to the dating scene and joining the hundreds of available men and women out there, all who are vying, like you, for the chance to find themselves in a satisfying and fulfilling relationship.
Maybe you’ve lived in a cloistered convent all your life or you’ve been Mrs. Tom Smith since the day you turned sixteen but somehow and someway, you are now about to try your hand at dating in the hopes of finding that elusive Mr. or Ms. Right. You want to be at your very best but you don’t know what to do.
Well, it’s just your luck because the dating guru is about to share with you a piece of her mind.

The first thing you have to do is understand that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Dating is just meeting someone else and getting to know each other. How can you have fun if you’re scared to death about making the wrong move? Chances are, the person you’re dating may also be hiding a well of insecurities behind his or her charming smile so that puts you both on the same boat, doesn’t it?

That’s just going to make things worse because you’re trying to make someone fall in love with someone else – someone who’s certainly not you! And even if you succeed in making your dating partner like the image you projected, what do you think would happen five dates after? What happens if your dating partner finds out the truth?

When dating, no matter if you’re the girl or the boy, the success of a date depends on the effort that BOTH of you exert. Don’t let the other person do all the talking. Be fair and take the initiative too, once in a while, in opening a topic until both of you are comfortable enough with each other.
But neither should you exert too much effort. Don’t trip on your own too feet as you try to impress your partner by being extra chivalrous or extra charming by smiling all night. You’d just come off as weird, you know. Simply put, be yourself. That’s really all it takes. But do remember to be your best self and not your worst!


4 Tips on How to Write the Best Online Dating Profile

Have you recently starting looking for love online, but not sure how to portray your image? Having an excellent profile is the key to achieving a success cowboys dating experience online.

Imagine how others will read your profile. Will your details help them recognize if you both have something in common? If you plan on meeting your partner, a generic profile will prevent you from truly connected with others.
Here are four tips on how to write the best online dating profile.

Tip #1: Let Your Photo Show Who You Are

Your profile picture should describe your best traits and even what you like to do for hobbies. Choose adjectives to describe yourself best and work from them. If you are unsure of how to express yourself, ask a friend to help you.
Be sure to explain what you enjoy and care about but skip the job and past experiences with dating. Don’t treat your online profile as a business resume. If you love your career, say it. Do you enjoy surfing or volunteering at the shelter? Use this time to boast about yourself in a positive light.

Tip #2: Focus on Characteristics

Explain who you want to meet without describing every single detail about their characteristics. Avoid listing your ideal partner’s education, appearance, interests, etc. Be specific in details such as values, activities and such.

Tip #3: Skip the Negativity

Being negative on your dating profile is sending in the red flag for potential dates. The more positive you are, the more you will attract the right partners. Focus on attracting those you want to date.

Tip #4: Check for Grammar and Spelling

Before you decide on submitting your profile, be sure to check for grammar and spelling. When someone reads a profile with poor grammar, it will come off as pet peeve or turn off for many. Many will be forgiving of types but don’t hesitate to use spellcheck. The more care and thoughtfulness you put in your profile, the more the effort will show.

Follow these five tips on how to write the best online dating profile and help you find your perfect match!


Top 4 Rules of Online Dating To Help You Find Your Match

Are you single and looking for love online? Stay active as according to recent studies, over one in five relationships started online. Here are the top four rules for online trucker dating to help you find your match.

Rule #1: Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations

Even with a wide variety of potential matches online, it can be easy to expect only the best to come without having to fish out the one’s you don’t like. Sticking to your small list of perfect traits will limit your chances of making a great connection and even finding the one, you would least expect.

With a picky mindset, you will lose as much as 95% of potential matches. Reassess what are your must-have qualities in a spouse and enjoy the experience of dating.

Rule #2: Stay Persistent with What You Want

Just because you didn’t find a date the first time, doesn’t mean you won’t find one the next. Online dating doesn’t give you a miracle with just a single click. It takes effort, scheduling, and commitment to meeting as many possible matches as you can. You can consider it as a hobby to meet new people.

Rule #3: Stick With What You’re Looking For

There are plenty of dating apps that particular genres that will help you find exactly what you’re interested in. From sci-fi dating sites to meeting Christians online, you have every opportunity to meet someone new. Just be sure to give others a chance before you send them off with an instant rejection.

Rule #4: Take Your Online Flirting Offline

The more people you meet online, the more like you are to finding a new match. However, according to studies, over a third of people who use online dating have never gone out on a date with a person they met online.

Meeting someone in person will help you determine if there is an actual connection as well as question their authenticity to how to portray themselves online. If they seem to act a sketchy, go with your inner gut and get out.
Consider these top four rules of online dating to help you find your match successfully.


4 Reasons Why You Should Try Online Dating

In today’s day and age, it is becoming more common to finding love online than it is offline. While there may still be an occasional downside such as no matches found, a weird stalker, or even boring potential matches, it doesn’t hurt to dip your toes into online dating.

Here are four reasons why you should try online dating right now.

Online Dating Will Force You to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Putting yourself out there on social media can be nerve-wracking, especially when you don’t know how the outcome will turn out. This step alone requires plenty of courage and will allow you to stop getting comfortable and embrace the new edge. Soon, you will realize that most people you meet online will feel just as vulnerable as you.

You Can Meet Different Types of People That You Normally Wouldn’t Meet Everyday

Sooner or later, you may notice just how different the people you meet online are, compared to those you meet in real life. You may even meet someone online that you may not have ever met in real life. This can be due to living in different areas, visiting different places, or different religions. Perhaps the date may not work out in the end, but you will still meet new and exciting people.

Online Dating Does Great Practice

Online biker dating websites will help you find dates within days or even minutes while asking someone out on a date will take months. You can use online dating as an opportunity to become more comfortable with ages.

You May Learn More about Yourself

Online dating may not help you meet your match, but it will surely help direct you to know exactly what you want in a partner and what you don’t want.

Even if you don’t end up meeting your match, that doesn’t mean it won’t become a great experience in the long run. Online dating will help give you a positive experience that will contribute to your confidence and personal development.
Have you tried online dating before? What was your experience? Comment below and share your experiences with us!